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Information For Existing and Potential Clients


Since the onset of COVID-19 Pandemic, INtegRIty has developed a Telehealth system to offer counseling by phone or video in addition to in-person (as possible). Our system (TheraNest) allows our clients to complete intake forms using a client portal. Clients need an email address and internet access to use the client portal and video.  For persons without internet access, forms can be completed via fax, US mail, or in person.







INtegRIty is a "pay-as-you-can" agency that provides counseling access for the uninsured and under-insured. We don't take insurance and depend on client contributions and public and private donations to cover our costs.  

How do I get started with INtegRIty? 

We serve minors, adults, couples, and families.

We schedule intake appointments for first time and returning adults. In this initial session, we will work to understand your counseling needs and your personal situation as well as your availability to schedule appointments.


Minors, couples, and family clients will speak with the counseling director prior to being scheduled. We will then match your needs with one of our counselors and contact you to schedule your first appointment. This typically happens within a few weeks depending on the length of our waiting lists.

Call us at (309) 827-9100 to start the process.

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