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On May 25, 2014, INtegRIty Counseling and Seeds of Hope sponsored food, games, entertainment, and information from a variety of community groups at a neighborhood block party outside our offices.


Face painting, a cake walk, burgers and dogs, offerings by spoken word artist Stephen Logan, and hip-hop, jazz, and blues music enlivened what became a weekend gathering for a number of area families.






INtegRIty was on hand August 9, 2014, for the 16th annual west side Block Party co-sponsored by a variety of churches across the community. At left, Sue Ross, Josh Arthur, and Cheryl Strong were on hand, promoting availability of counseling services as guests ate, played, enjoyed local music entertainment, and learned about the resources open to them, as well as networking with other groups.


Entering into its second year serving the mental health needs of the community, INtegRIty continued to raise awareness and its community profile by appearing at public events. Here, Director Luella Mahannah and counselor Celeste Mariani Bradley man a table at a summer area health fair.


In addition, INtegRIty has promoted its services on local Connect Transit buses.

March 12th, 2016-- INtegRIty held its first-ever fundraiser, a chili cook-off. The event, sponsored by Thrivent Financial and held at Bloomington's First Christian Church, raised $1,600.

August 10, 2020-- Dani Pancrazio-Díez interviews counselor Jaylene Taubert about what she does here at INtegRIty Counseling! Go to this link to watch:

April 29, 2020-- Volunteers at INtegRIty have missed everyone during the COVID-19 Pandemic! Go to this link for their greetings and words of encouragement:

August 11, 2020-- Dani Pancrazio-Díez interviews counselor Becky Heerdt about what she does here at INtegRIty Counseling! Go to this link to watch:

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