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INtegRIty Counseling is a community-based, non-profit service located in the heart of Bloomington's west side. We offer a place to address abuse, neglect, abandonment, depression, substance, and other issues in your family or neighborhood, at rates all Bloomington-Normal residents can afford.


Everyone is welcome at INtegRIty - we're here to help.


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Why counseling?


People cannot easily address emotional or mental health issues on their own. Emotional and mental problems also affect economic and physical health.


Poverty, unemployment, family issues, peer pressure, and neighborhood conflict can cause abuse, neglect, low self-esteem, depression, addiction, trust issues, violence, and other problems that can limit self-growth.


Immediate physical risks include potentially deadly alcohol toxicity, drug overdose, or sexually transmitted diseases including HIV-AIDS. CHECK OUT OUR RESOURCES PAGE FOR INFORMATION ON MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS AND INFORMATION ON DOMESTIC ABUSE, DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE, AND OTHER ISSUES.


Chronic substance abuse can lead to liver or other system failures; neglect of personal hygiene and wellness, leading to additional disease or health risks; and/or a cycle of failed relationships, erratic employment, and potential legal costs that perpetuate the cycle of poverty, emotional distress, and destructive behavior.


April 3, 2016 -- The Pantagraph talks to Luella Mahannah and Celeste Bradley about how INtegRIty is filling the gap in McLean County.

August 22, 2016 -- INtegRIty's August interview with WJBC, at

July 27, 2016 -- INtegRIty's July interview with WJBC, at

  • WJBC - Homelessness and INtegRIty
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  • Luella Mahannah
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March 29, 2016 -- WJBC's Terry James explores the struggles of homelessness and how INtegRIty can aid in the struggle.


In an effort to enhance its mission of providing Twin Cities residents "independence through transportation to live, learn, work and play,"   

Connect Transit is adding new buses with user-friendly technologies and more informative and easier-to-use street signs that will help riders more easily use system services. Connect Marketing and Business Development Manager Melissa Chrisman outlines how the transit agency helps provide affordable access and mobility for working Twin Citians, seniors, the disabled, students, and those who need a late-night ride. For more, visit

  • Interview with Tosha Maaks
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  • Don and Luella Mahannah
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January 25, 2016 -- The Mahannah talk with WJBC's Tosha Maaks about the Closing The Gap Project. 

January 5, 2016 -- INtegRIty Counseling's Luella and Don Mahannah drop in again with WJBC's Terry James to greet the New Year and the mental health concerns it may entail.

  • INtegRity New Year's With WJBC
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  • Don and Luella Mahannah
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Podcast 15 - Connect Transit
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